About Us

Best Tiles Showroom in Haldwani

Maya Tiles is situated in the beautiful city of Haldwani. We have some of the most exquisite and unique collection in the entire state, with the wide range of products whether it be sanitary equipment’s or tiles you would not go empty handed.

We have products for multiple ranges some of our products have been deemed to be state of the art products. Our staff is friendly and would be at your service by providing you with personal assistance in case of any confusion. We are aware of the fact that an individual construct or reconstruct their home only a few times in their entire lifetime, keeping that in mind we would love to assist you with all the expertise and experience we have to offer.

We are quite confident in our expertise; this is one of the reasons why people want to come back again and again to us. We have helped multiple individuals in the past to provide a visual to their dreams.